Hem Incense


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Whether you require intensive healing, deep cleansing, blissful relaxation and productive meditation, our premium incense and incense sticks cater to your every need. HEM’s thoughtfully curated collection of potent incense is ideal for smudging ceremonies, meditation, yoga, study sessions, spa sessions, aromatherapy and religious traditions. From signature blends to in-demand incense bouquets, you will be spoilt for choice at HEM. From relieving stress, purifying the ambience, healing your chakras, helping you focus, deepening your spiritual connections and cleansing your energies, our incense and incense sticks offer a plethora of spiritual benefits.

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Black Magic, Blue Dragon's Blood, Blue Sage, Cannabis, Come To Me, Copal, Egyptian Musk, Eucalyptus, Fairy Dreams, Goddess, Horus Eye, Hem Incense 20 Stick Single Tube, The Moon, Mugwort, Night Queen, Pagan Magic, Precious Lavender, HEM Incense 20 Stick Single Tube, San La Muerte, Seven Arcangels, Sweetgrass, White Sage, Attracts Money, Dragons Blood Red, Myrrh


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