Crows of Fate Classes

When you think about tarot reading what comes to mind? Who do you imagine when you think of a tarot reader? Can you imagine yourself as a tarot reader? Tarot is just a basic divination process that connects the subconscious with the conscious mind. So long as you are willing to be honest with yourself and accept the insight provided by the cards. In this class we will discuss how best to interpret the cards for our own personal readings and hopefully that can translate to reading for others. Don’t fret if you don’t ever get to the point where you read the cards for others. That part does require some skill with listening to the Universe and/or Spirit Guides/Ancestors that cannot be trained in one class.

Classes will be $10 for 1hr via Google Meets. 

Basic info: This class is taught by Katherine Faye on the basics of Tarot Reading and how you can see the archetypes people fall into. To apply email Kat at [email protected]