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Flight of Truth – A 5 card draw placed in a cross pattern. It shows you the truth of your current situation. $20
Flight of Dreams – A 7 card draw placed in a serpentine pattern. This shows you how best to accomplish your dreams. $30
Crow in Flight – An 8 card draw placed in the form of a Crow. This draw is best for when you need to know what actions to take in the situation. $40
Full Flight – A 10 card draw placed in the Celtic Cross fashion. This draw is best for when you are struggling with a difficult problem. $50

Oracle and other Services
If you have difficulty figuring out what question you should focus on or just need a yes or no answer the Oracle cards are best for such answers at $7 a card.

Psychic Services for Private Events:
Only Tarot and Oracle readings are available for private events and can only be scheduled online at . It will cost $80 to retain my services for the evening with the readings themselves being available to guests at half price if they have
an invitation to your event and full price for people who don’t. The initial cost is for transportation fees.

Psychic Consultations:
I am more than willing to help with any psychic or magical trouble you are having for $10/hr.
These can be booked anytime and are best done in person. If you require me to travel there will be a $5 retainer fee for the Portland/Metro area and $80 for anywhere else within the state of Oregon. Please give a basic description of the problem so that I can arrive properly equipped to deal with the problem. Otherwise you will incur an inconvenience fee of $160.