Practical Wicca the Easy Way (Used)


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Novice Wiccans will be able to cast spells and curses, experience the world of high and low magic, and delve into the deeper mysteries of ancient practices and ideas that have been suppressed for centuries. Secret Wiccan powers drawn from nature are explained, starting with their origins in the mysterious cycles of the seasons and weather as well as the movements of the sun, moon, and stars. A complete description of all the Wiccan tools, talismans, and symbols show how they provide protection from harm, access to the unconscious mind, and a more balanced life. The practical sections offer special methods for cleaning rooms and selecting furnishings that cleanse and restore the heart and soul. Along with rituals unique to Wicca come suggestions for drawing upon other world religions, and for celebrating birthdays; love, sex, and marriage; conception and childbirth; even Thanksgiving and yuletide.


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