HM Vendor Info

#1 Flint and Lore

Brief Description of Company:
I make handmade bags, gnomes, wand holders, and other decorative items. I don’t mass produce and my items are all unique…they all have something a little different about them. My items have a witchy vibe in the sense of adventure and functionality…because everyone needs more pockets! I

#2 Accio Art, Witches

Brief Description of Company:
Accio Art Witches is a shop inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter with witchy inspired handmade products including house inspired colorful wands and stone adorned wands, elaborate potions and specimens, sorting hat color changing candles, witchy jewelry and more. All products are handmade by me and are high quality at an accessible price.

#3 Forest Fox Magic 

Brief description of company
Wire weave jewelry, wire and gemstone art, crystals, magical tools

#4 Psychic of pdx 

Brief description of company
We offer services of palm, reading, tarot card, reading, psychic reading, and sell crystals

#5 Majickal Thangz

Brief Description of Company:
Drums, rattles and other handmade goods

#6 The Two Headed Doctor 

Brief description of company
The Two Headed Doctor is a African and Native American Spiritual Botanica

#8 Sister Spirit

Brief Description of Company:
SisterSpirit was started in 1985 here in Portland Oregon by Frodo Okulam and several other women who wanted to be with other women and celebrate the divine feminine.
Frodo had a dream, in which a Dianic coven left her to guard a stone circle by a stream.
Other women came along, women of other traditions, who wanted to worship the Goddess as well.
37 years plus have passed! And the women of SisterSpirit, the same way it happens in all spiritual groups,  have spiraled into and out of the circle. Come join us!

#11 Earth Heart Creations

Brief Description of Company:
I make hand woven lavender wands, fabric Tarot card bags, Altar Cloths. I also feature some gemstone jewelry (made by a friend)

#12 Woodmann’s Whimzies

Brief Description of Company
We make and sell Wood artwork (Intarsia), band saw boxes, Damascus cutlery, and misc. small items

#13 SerenWitchery  

Brief description of company
An eclectic “witch of all trades” she is a practicing witch, healer, and psychic/medium. She provides various Magickal services, such as Tarot and Crystal Ball Readings. She is also a Crystal Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, and Gem Elixir Potions Master learning her trade from the Elders in the community. She also teaches Magick and different energetic subjects and is available for hand-fastings, house cleansings, and other Magickal Services.
All services that she offers are available to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Communities (ASL Friendly).
Working daily to meet the mission statement: “Making the everyday witch’s life easier through Serendipitous Witchery”

#14 Lace & Pine Studio

Brief Description of Company:
Handcrafted polymer clay earrings. Free handed & hand burned boho rancher hats.

#15 Joy Luck Crystals

Brief Description of Company:
I sell crystals, suncatchers, and high quality jewelries made of natural stones

#16 Truloo designs

Brief description of company
Handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, herbal insence bundles and crochet gift bags

#17 A Doe, My Dears

Brief Description of Company
Nature and witchy inspired jewelry, art, and spell jars.

#18 Missing Pieces? LLC

Brief Description of Company:
Handmade Jewelry

#19 TymeWarpDesigns

Brief description of company
Resin Art Designs
Our main focus is on mushroom art from 3’ diaramas to miniature mushroom candle holders.
Altar art pieces, trays , “sno-globe”skulls&snails.
Toads,snakes and snail art. Glo in the dark,lighted resin pieces as well.



#22 Elizabeth Cole Woodruff

Brief description of company
Vegan bath, body and home handmade products. Concrete creations, soap, dish soap, skincare, shampoo/conditioner bars and more.

#23 Elusive Wilds

Brief Description of Company
I’m a woodworker and crafter making wood and resin jewelry and other decorations including mushrooms, wands, trees, and ghosts.

#24 Overstreet Crafts

Brief description of company
We are making Shadow boxes, small resin crafts, coffee cups, Glass snowmen, ornaments.

#25 Sage & Fable

Brief description of company
Art, clothing and more, all handcrafted with intent.

#26 Rustic Moon Creations

Brief Description of Company
Handcrafted, Decore/Art /Jewelry
Unique, Mindfully, Repurposed and Natural Materials.

#27 Minshara Minerals

Brief description of company
Welcome to Minshara Minerals. We specialize in uniting people with the perfect crystal/mineral

#28 The Grief Witch

Brief description of company
River is a practicing Irish pagan & witch and a devotee of Brighid- the goddess of fire, healing, and crafts. River makes candles and ritual tools for grief and emotional support. They also write about grief, magic, and politics in their newsletter.

#29 Fil Fait

Brief description of company
Create placemats, potholders, quilts, and other fabric based items

#30 Aquabanditco

Brief Description of Company
I make clay earrings and scrunchies

#31 Trees by M.E.

Brief description of company
Unique wire art with a focus on trees

#32 Flame and Fable Candle Co

Brief Description of Company
Flame and Fable creates dark literature and folklore inspired candles. All candles feature custom artwork and immersive scents in beautiful glass amber jars.

#33 Astro Strega

Brief description of company
Living painting tarot readings

#34 GreenWitchBySelena

Brief description of company
I make green witch crafts, tools, and home decor, I also teach classes twice a month on how to make some of the things I sell, as well as read tarot

#35 Enchanting Reveries

Brief description of company
Hand made hair combs, crowns, wings, hair sparkles, jewelry etc. All mermaid and fairy/fantasy themed.

#36 Toni’s Gems & Jewelry

Brief description of company
Jewelry, Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals, Rocks, Fossils, Chakra, Towers, Spheres, Enhydros, Jasper, And more.

#37 Psychic Medium Cheri

Brief description of company
Traditional Chinese Medicine Readings
Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments
Psychic Mediumship Readings

#39 Gilded Raven

Brief Description of Company
I make intentional hand crafted crystal jewelry in silver and copper.


#41-42 Curiosities Vintage

Brief description of company
Serving the West Side of Portland, Oregon from our new location in Tigard, Curiosities Vintage Mall has a vast selection of vintage, retro, mid century, home décor, furniture, vintage clothing, jewelry, and antique treasures from 60+ dealers.

#44 Living Strange Designs

Brief description of company
Boutique store nestled in Vernonia, OR. We specialize in spiritual items, jewelry, handmade goods such as bath salts, cleansing sprays, laundry detergent, balms, chest rubs, etc. Also come check out our clothes selection, journals, and much more!

#46 All Things Mandy

Brief description of company
PaperPie- Kids books, puzzles. Stem kits, and more

#47 Aura About You

Brief Description of Company:
Aura Photos & Readings via biofeedback

#48 FireLyte

Brief description of company
I sell a fire starting putty that lights fast, burns big, and is wind and rain resistant.

#49 Mystic Moose

Brief description of company
Refurbish used items.
Trays, Pictures, Altar Pedestals, Candle holders, Candles and more! I make them Pagan-ish or nowaday…Moody Decor.

#50 Stoned Princess

Brief description of company
Seller of Crystals, Mineral and Accessories including Taxidermy

#51 Launani Resins

Brief description of company
I make wood/resin serving and charcuterie trays, lazy susans, keychains, mason jar lids, jewelry/trinket trays, tangram puzzles, and suncatchers.

#53-54 Pagan Fyre

Brief description of company
Pagan Fyre is a retail store located in Cornelius, OR, that caters to the local new age and metaphysical Communities

#55 Crows of Fate Psychic Services

Brief description of company
Are you seeking guidance, clarity, or insights into your life’s mysteries? Look no further! Our gifted psychic is here to provide you with the answers you seek.

#56-57 Slater Curiosities

Brief description of company
The Many curiosities of Aaron Slater

#58 Donald McEwing

Brief Description of Company
Author- Fiction

#59 ColorStreet independent Consultant

Brief description of company
100% dry nail polish

#61 Celtic Dream

Brief description of company
Gemstone jewelry, tarot bags, suede purses, wearable lace dragons/owls/ravens, and more!!!

#63 SaltMine ShopWorx | FlameLight CandleWorks

Brief description of company
FlameLight CandleWorks started as an idea for Christmas gifts: pouring candles into Himalayan Pink Salt vessels. Having seen salt lamps and other products on the market, a nearly fruitless month long search began for anything suitable that could be used for a candle. Finally, a friend stumbled on the piece that became the [SuperTower] and the idea for a business was hatched.

Our salt vendor was amazed by the products we were creating and explained the reason we found almost nothing on the market was because no one has ever poured wax directly into salt before! He offered to make custom shapes for us including the [CubeTower] and [TriangleTower], representing the first Himalayan Pink Salt pieces ever created specifically for the purpose of pouring candles.

In our SaltMine WorkShop we use Himalayan Pink Salt, CocoSoy Wax and WoodWaffle WonderWicks to create truly unique and beautiful core candles and with the help of our bandsaw, drill press and bench sander we sculpt fantastic art candles.

SaltMine ShopWorx developed out of this using predominantly Himalayan Pink Salt, Bamboo and Copper in the functional art pieces of our ClockWorks, LightWorks, and HouseHold SaltWares lines. Over 100 unique pieces have been created and we’re working on something new just about every day.

#64 Broomsticks & Dragonfly

Brief Description of Company:
I create altar boxes, pendulums, pendulum boards, rune sets, books and other misc. metaphysical items

#65 Warner Works

Brief Description of Company:
Beautiful Custom Jewelry

#66 Hanicorn

Brief description of company
Arts and crafts, I create chainmail artistry, draw fantasy art commissions and sell unicorn ornaments.

#68 Black Ghost Tactical

Brief description of company
A purveyor of knives, mace, pepperballs, and other non lethal weapons.